Jul. 4th, 2005

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1. Enjoy your days off, American friends!

2. I take back everything I've ever said about myself not being at all a girly-girl. I went to Fanfayre, the annual arts and crafts event downtown, yesterday with mom and bought the girliest, pink cloche hat with a tailored white bow at the front. It is the most adorable hat ever and I look just like a Hopper girl in it. Next I'll have to look for a nice, black-ribboned brimmed hat like the one in this user pic. I think I might have been born in the wrong era.

3. I am pleased to see the return of the billowy peasant skirt. I will take 23 in white, eyelet trimmed cotton, please.

4. I know most people (especially men, most especially Duck) hate 'em, but I like the crinkley, gathered peasant tops that make anyone over the age of 12 look pregnant and not particularly sexy, either. Come to think of it, the last time I dressed in one of those was when I was around 12. No matter. I don't think I could wear them anymore (I look pregnant enough without the help, thanks) but a nice, loose, unstructured, cotton chemise out there somewhere is calling my name.

5. Speaking of 12 (or so) year old girls, I've been meaning to watch Adrian Lyne's Lolita for a while, and finally caught it on the tube last night. I've seen it before, but I'd mostly forgotten it, and I know Deren loves the movie so I wanted to see what I thought about it now. What I think is that Melanie Griffith should never be allowed to make a movie, ever, ever again. Ever. She's so horrible, it's embarassing. No wonder they killed her off. The movie though - meh. I love Jeremy Irons and I think he is so superior a Humbert Humbert to James Masons' it's not even comparable. Dominique Swain is good too, though I found myself wondering if we were soley looking at her mannerisms and sexuality through Humbert's eyes. I hope so, because it was so cringingly over-the-top (heh - I was about to say "so sterotypically lolita-nymphette", which I suppose is the point), that it didn't seem quite real, and was instead kind of annoying. She was at her most natural with her girl friends, and it was kind of a relief to see that, instead of her lolling her finger around her mouth twisting her bubblegum or working a jawbreaker or gorfing a banana. The movie was about 30 minutes too long, too, but that may have been more because I wanted to get to bed than anything else.

6. Every time I invent something in my mind, it's stolen, STOLEN I tells ya! Just the other week I was musing aloud to anyone who would listen about an idea I had in my head to develop a stay-cool dog blanket to cart around for Cody on the hottest days. I figured it would have to be filled with water but I couldn't imagine what material you'd have to use to keep it cool for more than 20 minutes outside. Well, another product I bought at Fanfayre yesterday was a keep-cool bandana. Essentially it's like a strip of material you'd wear around your neck or forehead. But there's a section in the middle that has some kind of gel or something inside it. It lays flat when dry, but if you soak it in water for 10-20 minutes, the gel section puffs out and feels very cool to the touch, and stays that way for 24 hours or so. So we were picking out the colours and styles we wanted most and I was all excited telling my mom that this is what could be used in the dog blanket I'm thinking of. The nice man selling them overheard and pointed me over to the other wall where a whole range of stay-cool dog blankets were displayed! AHHH! I didn't get one because they were $30 and I'm not sure Cody would do more than sniff it politely and then run off to dig his usual dirt pit to lie in. Also, MY idea! Mine!

7. I think that's all I've got for the moment. It's going to be really quiet around here today, right? Darn. Enjoy your BBQs and fireworks!


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