Jun. 29th, 2005

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After an insane amount of fiddling this morning, I actually got my hair upswept and clipped in a reasonable facimile of that messy cute thing most girls do so effortlessly. There are even a couple of contrived but oh-so-casual tendrils curling down the nape of my neck and a couple more at the sides. AND WHERE ARE MY BOBBY PINS? This thing could collapse at any second. Anyone so much as breathes on it this morning, they're TOAST.

Jesus Murphy, I make the worst girl in history.

I took a brief detour downtown this morning to drop something off at Marc's and driving up Sydenham onto Princess I came upon a particular block of buildings which happens to be (or was ten years ago at any rate) replicated almost exactly in the Museum of Civilization in Ottawa as part of a walk-through recreation of small-town Ontario at the turn of the 20th century.

I hadn't thought of that for quite a while, but probably because I've been talking to John lately, driving past it reminded me of the exhibit and I about bust a gut laughing about this time we were walking through the mock-up all freaked out by the fake fog and city noises and changing light and even wind and smells piped in around us. But worst of all was the giantess in period costume who kept following us around and asking us if we knew when the stage was due because she was expecting to meet some friends on the 5:00 arrival. God DAMN, we couldn't get away from her!

I've really got to get back there someday. See if she's still wandering around in the fake fog waiting for her friends.


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