Feb. 11th, 2005

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It's [livejournal.com profile] pricciar's birthday today, though I don't know without looking exactly how old he is. I'd say somewhere between his very late 20s and early Methuseleh. Anyways, I've known Pat for a couple of years, and he's one of those guys who from time to time makes himself very scarce, but then he comes back again and there is much rejoicing because who couldn't like and miss him when he's not around? Who? I ask you!

Back in the olden days Pat and I used to listen to a kids' radio show in the afternoons after I got home from work, and that always made me slightly giddy because he's really just a big kid, even if he is now older than rope, and I've always liked adults who retain a bit of themself at every age like that.

Other random things about Pat that I like are his taste in music and his excellent CD mix which introduced me to bands like Cinerama and Belle and Sebastian and Tullycraft which I'd have never have otherwise found on my own at my advanced age. His writing. The fact that he's like an iceberg that rises only 10% above the water and that there's another 90% that I'll never get to see. Oh wait, that's something that bugs me. But still, it makes him kind of cool and mysterious at the same time. Also, he has good hair.

But I've said too much. In short, Happy Birthday, Pat!


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