Jul. 15th, 2005 01:18 pm
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I am such a slacker. Rene told me at 10:00 am she was taking a half day vacation this afternoon, and because I'm terribly impressionable I asked for it too and was out of there an hour later. In my defence though, I finished and submitted my law assignment since I've been home.

Then I uploaded a few more pictures, and so now, in very random fashion, I present the last week or so of my strangely unpeopled life.

I think I mentioned in my journal that on my way to work one morning this week I saw a dog with his head stuck out the sunroof, checking out the state of the world. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of the car in motion because his ears were flapping all over the place in the wind! Nice doggie! )

Next up we have my much maligned (usually by me) and barely mentioned cat, Churchie. I caught her in a sweet moment, most of which coincidentally coincide with her napping hours. Now tell me you don't want to rub that tummy! )

Go on! Touch it, she loves that! )

Here I would just like to point out that the two butterfly gardens I planted this spring have officially attracted their first butterfly )

Hey! Remember how excited I was about eating my first meal from the garden? The beets, spinach and beet greens? Here they are for posterity: )

Speaking of my vegetable garden, I wasn't kidding when I said the butternut squash are taking over. Here you can see them rampaging like mongol hordes over my spinach, beets and carrots, and having laid waste to everything else in their path, now attempting to crawl over my back lawn! Veggie Wars! )

For the sake of comparison, this is the difference 12 days can make )


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