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Lots of posts and comments to slog my way through now! And delphicaDel, you're never too late.

I walked downtown after work to return a book to the library and get out 5 more. (Another bird identification guide, two novels; Donna Tartt's Little Friend and Lisa Reardon's Blameless [no idea on the second, but I hated Tartt's Secret History, so I'm not sure why I'm trying this except that library = FREE!]; two non-fiction -- a true crime [of course] called Halfway Heaven [about a murder at Harvard written by that chick who wrote the execrable {IMHO} quasi-poetic true crime about her friend called The Lost Girl. Too much musing, not enough murdering, you know? Again, this seems to be give-an-author-a-second-chance day.] And finally, a new release - The Intimate Life of L.M. Montgomery which made me double-take. Secret journals and all. Hm.)

Walked down to Wayfarer Books, which is like a used book lover's wet dream and was disappointed that he had no copy of Wilderness Tips on the shelf. I took the chance and asked Walter the proprietor and he said "I know it's somewhere!" and tossed a couple of boxes of books aside to get to another, ripped it open, scrounged around inside and at the very bottom found an OP edition I'd never even seen before. Score! You can now start watching your mailbox, zetteZettie. Well, as soon as I get to the post office, that is.

Trudged back to work where I'd left the car, dying from the heat but concurrently calculating how many calories I may have sweated off on my journey. Back home, A/C is humming, I'm looking for a good Cody pic for geobabe1Lise's contest and trying to decide which book to dive into first.

Let the festivities begin.


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